The Highlands Footpath is a walking journey across the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts! Our May group hike took us up Gobble Mountain in Chester, with a 1,000 foot elevation gain on this unique mountain which also holds several mines! The trail head for this section is at the boot post directly across from Hampden Street where it meets Route 20. Parking at the Chester Becket Railroad Trailhead. The trail is blazed green up to the Nature Conservency property, and then continues white dot blazed as this is the Unkamit’s Path trail. We went down the Beacon Trail for a 5 hour 4.3 mile hike (s0ot a car on Beacon trailhead Middlefield Road)

Here’s to you John Murphy and Henry Warchol the originators who blazed this Native American Footpath! Thank you to Jeff Penn and Andy Myers for leading this co-sponsored event!

The Highlands Footpath is a planned 40-mile rugged hiking trail, offering a unique way to see the spectacular natural, scenic and historic features of the region. The journey connects towns, linking existing trail systems and old roads, between October Mountain State Forest in Becket and the Daughters of the American Revolution State Forest in Goshen.

Highlands Footpath trail development and maintenance is through volunteers, trail organizations, regional and state planners. Volunteers are welcome. Lend a hand and join the adventure! #chesterma #unkamitspath

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