Elephant Rock in Monterey, our resident “scientist” out to prove the make up of this monolith, results are it is both marble and sandstone!

On Hupi Road about 100 feet past the intersection of Hupi Road with the Elephant Rock Road there is a. huge sandstone rock about 10 feet from the road. If you look quickly you may think that you are seeing an elephant. This rock was the inspiration for the name of the road. Mr. Wallace Tryon in his manuscript on the history of Monterey says that the rock was once on the farm of Hyland Dowd.

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Hyland Dowd had two daughters, Grace became Mrs. Scott and Jennie became Mrs. Rogers. Many of the early settlers on Elephant Rock Road bought land from the Grace Dowd Scott estate. Jennie Dowd Rogers lived for many years on the Hunger Mountain Road in the first house you come to after leaving Route 23. The house is still standing. Mrs. Rogers celebrated her 82nd birthday in 1943 and is reported to have said at that time that her ancestor Cornelius Dowd came to the Berkshires in 1730 and bought land from the Indians for six felt hats. Another version of the transaction is that the land was bought for ten beaver hats. The original name of Hupi Road was Dowd Road as the land on both sides of the road was owned by the Dowds. #montereyma

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