Huckleberry Trolley Line


Hiram’s Tomb in Chester

A lot of the hiking we do is to historic places in the Hilltowns especially from when the first settlers is some #hilltownhistory

wp-15891106897107532485374594268730.jpgSmall Pox Cemetary in Montgomery

fb_img_15865585364643992802426961068196.jpgHiram’s Tomb in Chester


Huckleberry Trolley Line in Huntington



Chester and Becket Railroad in Becket



English Grass Cave



English Grass Cave in Montgomery

“the Regicides,” two English political fugitives who hid out in a cave, according to legend just south of Mount Shatterack during the 1660s.

Probably some early settlers explored the wilder regions, and according to one of many legends connected with Tekoa and the surrounding hills, two fugitives from the wrath of King Charles II, the “Regicides,” hid out in a cave there for as long as a year during 1660s.


Garnet Hill War Memorial in Peru

Homer Crosby Stone in Blandford


Palmer Cemetary in Russell


Railroad Builder Rock in Montgomery

Railroad History


Hilltown Mining

Granite Works

Saw and Grist Mills

Falley’s Armory in Montgomery


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