June 29th we hiked the Tyringham Cobble loop trail, it was muggy and hot but who cares…it’s hike day! The cobble offered two vistas, beautiful fields, forest that was once pastures, a cellar hole, stone walls and giant old white birch. After our climb up into the cobble we enjoyed the view at Cobble Hill 1365 feet.

July 27th group hike of Clam River in Sandisfield. The Clam River Loop was our adventure taking us both through the woods and by the river. At the end of the loop ikers had the option to continue on the Clam River Trail to the Hammertown Loop for an additional 2 hour trip. This was definitely a great “hike with dogs”!

August 10th we experienced virtual reality hiking with history of The Old Mill Trail in Hinsdale/Dalton. The three mile in and back route is captured in an interpretive guide taught us about the Old Plunkett Woolen Mill and the East Branch of the Housatonic River that harnessed water power to many mills in Dalton, the most famou being the Crane Mill where paper money was originally made.