Commonly called Boundary Markers or Stone Posts or Boundary Stones…..Dating back as far as the 17th century were and are still used to mark property lines, corners, town boundaries, waypoints basically anything to mark a significant mapping location.  These can be found throughout the world!

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In 2019, Dave Pierce was commissioned as Town Boundary Stone Walker for the Town of Chester.  2020 was a census year, making that the year to “walk”  the town boundaries finding them, and then recording their locations.  In addition they were all to be engraved “2020”  to prove that they are in fact markers.  We spent just about two years finding the Chester Stone Posts, not all were easy to find.  Using GPS and other mapping sources we managed to find almost all and also found some in locations that were not quite accurate.  A full report was drawn.  Neighboring towns caught wind that Chester was indeed following this tradition of our forefathers and followed suit.

Report on the Boundary Monuments of Chester, Massachusetts
During 2019 and 2020 we have walked the boundaries of the Town of Chester in search of
every stone post that marks the boundaries of the town, placed here by the early settlers. We
used maps both new and old along with GPS technology to find them. These monuments
have stood for centuries and have been etched by previous walkers designated by the Town of
Chester. We present this report on the details of our findings.
A. Old State Highway: 42.24221 -72.90855 Huntington Chester
B. Chester Hill Road: 42.24546 -72.90447 Huntington Chester
C. Herring Road: 42.34319 –72.93836 Chester Worthington
D. KAB: 42.31222 -73.00029 Chester Becket Middlefield
E. Old Park Knox: 42.24902 -72.98680 Chester Blandford
F. Sanderson Brook: not found
G. Route 20 Beesaw: 42.25913 -72.91230 Blandford Huntington Chester
H. Skyline Trail: not found
I. Hiram Fox Swamp: 42.33153 -72.89478 Chester Worthington
J. Goss Hill Road: 42.34070 -72.89563 Chester Worthington
K. 3-Way Worthington: 42.33230 -72.88518 Huntington Worthington Chester
L. Goss Hill Stone Wall: 42.32777 -72.88482 Chester Huntington
M. Kinnebrook Road: 42.34224 -72.92028 Chester Worthington
N. East River Road: 42.34379 -72.95392 Worthington Chester
O. Blandford Road: 42.24897 -72.99051 Blandford Chester
P. Lynes Road: 42.32757 -72.97798 Chester Middlefield
Q. 3-Way Becket: 42.25080 -73.00173 Chester Becket Blandford
R. Littleville Dam: 42.26538 -72.88061 Chester Huntington (in asphalt)
S. Fisk Road: 42.26538 -72.88061 Chester Huntington
T. Smith Road: not found
U. Middlefield Road: not found
V. Route 20 Becket Spring: not found
W. Bromley Road: not found