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Hiking the old Chester Becket Railroad from the Becket Quarry. Originally the Chester Quarry the granite was moved by train on this rail to Chester where it met the Boston Albany Railroad. You can see this old railroad from Route 20 up on the mountain ledge on the left while traveling West through Chester and Becket. On Hampden Street in Chester there is a kiosk and official parking to hike a section there as well.
The property of the Chester and Becket was operated by the Boston and Albany from November 26, 1897, the date of completion, to June 30, 1900.  There is much to learn about this railroad, we have spent years hiking and mapping the entire railroad run from Becket to Chester.  Read more about the Railroad at the Chester Railway Museum.

Gator Arch at the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail in Chester

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Bridge 2: 55 feet above the river; abandoned; property of [...]

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