Public Group Hikes 

Group Hike Events are once monthly publicly advertised hikes for all levels of hiking ability, with ample parking.  We supply the maps and bottled water, you show up. We take you on the trail, show you the sights and get you back safe. Free and fun. Check out our event schedule to stay in the loop and come join us!

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What is a #flashhike ?

Because there are many beautiful places to hike…..yet not enough parking! That’s how it started…I came up with an idea, since our monthly group hikes usually attract at least 50 or more participants this pretty much leaves us two options: require registration and RSVP or never hike at places without a good sized parking lot.

We avoided both. A Flash Hike is a short notice, usually 48 hours or less of a hiking adventure to usually a lesser known place, a trail head with little or no parking, a trail with no so great blazing, a map-less trail, a trail I never hiked, a scouting adventure…you get the idea. In order to be on this privy list, a hiker must be:

1. Adventurous 2. Have great GPS to get you there and OUT (we recommend GAIA) 3. Be open to carpooling 4. Not be a “planner”. 5.  Have everything you need to be out on trail (med supplies, good footwear, water, snacks)  In general have moderate to advanced hiking abilities.  We normally hike five miles, some are technical, pace varies with who shows up that day.  

Stevens Property in Huntington

Hikers are on a group Messenger list and get a text simply where we are going and when, usually with maps and info and a waypoint of where to park. To get on the Flash Hike text group you must be a member of the Western Mass Hilltown Hikers Facebook Group and a General Member of the Hilltown Hikers.  You can then be sent the link or a hike leader can manually add you.  We do not advertise Flash Hikes on social media and you all can understand why, with the exception of good parking. We welcome other flash hikers in the group to lead hikes too!  We love hiking with others and we are always working on ways to be able to invite of all of you everywhere in Western Massachusetts.