General Knox Trail 1764 survey walk

🇺🇸we were invited to walk the 1764 survey of the General Knox Trail by Thomas Ragusa of the Otis Historical Society to gps and waypoint sites on the route on the Otis section. We started at station #1 Black Oak and continued the 3.7 mile journey on “ye trodden path” to cellar hole #1, cellar hole #2, the 65 miles to Albany marker, by Big Pond where General Amherst and 200 hatchet men in 1758 widened the path for cart travel, the Latimer House, the 1927 Knox Trail Monument, the Louden School, Station #20, Isaac Webster saw mill, The Great Rock, burial spot of General Burgoyne’s soldier, to Station #33 the East Shore of the Farmington River which is the oldest site recorded; the encampment of Benjamin Wadsworth in 1694 where a group of 50 camped overnight on August 9th/10th on their way to Albany to sign a treaty with the five Indian nations.🇺🇸#hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #hilltownhistory

Check out #2 KAB

We cant be happier with the new lower parking area at the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail thank you to MassLive for linking our website!

Shatterack Mountain Ridge Trail in Montgomery and Unkamit’s Path section #7

Shatterack Mountain Ridge Trail Unkamit’s Path section #7 we started this section from Shatterack Brook, park on Russell Road barricade in Montgomery take cart path 1st left walking in or start at Shatterack Mountain trailhead and hike the ridge. Unkamits Path maps on #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #unkamitspath

Falley’s Armory and Homestead in Montgomery

🇺🇸Richard Falley, FRIEND OF LIBERTY AND HIS COUNTRY SOLDIER IN THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION ARMORER TO THE 18TH MASS REGIMENT BUILT ARMORY AT MT. TEKOA CIRCA 1765 MADE MUSKETS FOR THE PATRIOT CAUSE THIS WAS THE SITE OF HIS HOME AND BLACKSMITH SHOP CIRCA 1764 TO 1783🇺🇸 Hike to both his armory and homestead at the Grace A. Robson Sanctuary in Montgomery #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #hilltownhistory

Beulah Land to Dynamite Box in Blandford

🌲Chester Blandford State Forest Beulah Land Road to Dynamite Box Loop 2.7 miles, park at the Beulah Land entrance. Working on the upcoming Town of Blandford Walking Map with Pat D. Take Beulah Land to the 5-way intersection where the CCC Camp chimney is and CCC Ski Trail, Sanderson Brook Falls Road, all meet then back via Dynamite Box Trail #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers

Beartown State Forest

🥾Beartown State Forest from Monterey side just off Route 23 Blue Hills Road for some Appalachian Trail hiking. Parked and started at Benedict Pond followed loop counterclockwise to AT junction up to “the ledges” stone steps, boulders and a large beaver swamp along the way, continued up Mt. Wilcox to South Wilcox shelter, 45 minutes to get there. We then looped back on Mt. Wilcox Road to Mt. Wilcox Trail, Turkey Trail and back on the Benedict Pond Loop. My 2nd time here and Lyles 1st, still love it, definitely going back, great spot to kayak too. Just under 4 miles total. #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers