The most elusive old lost cemetery in Chester is Moor.
We have been looking for this two grave (with several fieldstones) for years, we found it along OLD River Road in North Chester. Unseen from the present day road since the stones are in the road embankment making it impossible to see unless you hike the Middle Branch of the Westfield River. Trust me, I have stopped at every stone wall, at some point the road was in front of Moor, as the stone staircase faces the river, road being between Moor and the river. #hikethehilltownhistory #chesterma


SOPHIA daughter of MR. WILLIAM and MRS. SALLY SMITH died 23 October 1802 in 6th year

MRS. MARIUM wife of MR. LUTHER GRANGER died 23 April 1790 in 35th year

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