Old South Otis Road in Blandford, once a well traveled way from Blandford to Otis. From the other end it is called Swamp Road, just about where Pappas Gas Station is. Hiking it today is actually quicker than driving to Otis from Beech Hill Road! When Cobble Mountain Reservoir was built this entire corner of South Blandford, North Granville and Tolland was abandoned because so many roads went underwater as part of flooding for the Reservoir and townspeople were literally cut off from other villages. The old road makes it’s way by Stannard Cemetery, a large one reflecting just how many families lived here. Homesteads along the way since 1857 are the Ripleys, Miners and Stannard Families. Coles Brook, Hiram Blair, Shepard and the Tolland State Forest intersects here, and this is also used by snowmobiles so bridges are maintained. The giant old growth Oaks are impressive and this hike took us back in time as the land was left by our original settlers. Garmin map by Tom Hoffman.

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