Built in the 1870’s by Austin Bartlett (1834-1879) who produced and sold lumber at this site. It sits on Route 20 in Becket and is an important piece of Becket granite quarry history. There were 4 buildings including the house, sawmill and a blacksmith shop. He died young and his widow Irene took in boarders to support her young daughters. The 1880 census shows 8 workers from the Mitchell Mountain quarry living here with the Bartletts, and Irene’s brother was here as well.
By 1891 the younger daughter Bessie was the only surviving family member at age 18. There is a book written by the young girl of the daily quarry activities here and about the Chester and Becket railroad switchback located just behind the house! The entire Chester Becket Railroad from present day Becket Quarry to Chester can still be followed. Leslie Mitchell born in Becket on May 18, 1919, son of Frank L. and Inez Broga Mitchell. He worked in the quarries and with his sister, the late Ida Mitchell, owned Berkshire Pink Granite Co. The quarry, started by their grandfather John Mitchell, operated from the late 1800s until 1965. The Mitchells donated the granite used in the Becket town memorial for the Korean and Vietnam wars, for steps at the new Town Hall and at the elementary school.
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