I was honored to give a very special group tour of the Keystone Arch Bridges Trail in Chester to Perri Sossman, her children and grandchildren and of course some flash hikers too who were a great help! Greg, Tom, Stephanie and our very own Country Journal Hilltown History correspondent Debbie Daniels. Perri and her students years ago designed the kiosks you see along the trail, she wanted to take the family to see our man made wonders in the woods. Hiking with young folks gives you appreciation of nature and history and they absolutely find things (including fun and adventure) and what us adults don’t normally see. There are no words to describe the KAB trail: awe inspiring, historic, amazing…none do it justice. As Parks and Trails Director of Chester and board member of the Friends of the Keystone Arches please support our local trails so they are here for generations to come. May we all play in nature forever!

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