Photos from our July 4th flash hike in and back 8.4 miles thru-trail hiking the Claude M. Hill trail from Huntington to Chesterfield.

The Claude M. Hill trail runs from the Knightville Dam behind the ranger station in Huntington to the Indian Hollow Campground in Chesterfield along the East Branch of the Westfield River 4.2 miles one way. This past week we thru-trail hiked this beautiful area passing historic sites; the Black Panther Ski Resort, Hezekiah Weeks Homestead, the twin charcoal kilns and crossed the Dead Branch. In and back on a group flash hike, and our very own hike leader Karen accomplished it on her own Saturday since she had a bum foot when we went as a group. We love thru-trail hiking in the Hilltown wilderness! Remember to always go with a friend, gps, paper maps, snacks and plenty of water.

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