Continuing on our scouting trip of the History of Russell, our quest was to find the Old Cortis Road. This road once connected old Birch Hill Road in Blandford to where present day Route 23 meets Dickinson Hill. General Knox passed through here as well! It wasnt obvious but help from our historic layer on our GAIA gps we found the old road, and saw where it crossed with Potash Brook. There were mills here and the Cortis homestead. Still lots of snow so we will have to return after the melt to see whats left. Shout out to Bruce Cortis, join us on a return trip! Exciting to see the moose presence here, thankfully we didn’t run into the big guy!

The property is not open for public hiking since the camp owns a huge private parcel here, but they do hold public events.

Check out the awesome events offered at the camp!

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