The 120 co CCC camp in the October Mountain State Forest on Stanley Road in Becket needed some further investigation.we explored deeper at the area and found a deep well or cesspool, a laundry and what looked like either showers or latrines, the flag pole circle and a few other concrete bases for structures. We reached out to DCR Interpretive Coordinator Alec Gillman for some feedback from our first trip. The stone pile with pipes was a “mess kit fireplace for heating water. The enrollees used it to clean their individual mess kits outdoors after returning from field work, and without having to go into the mess hall. 55 gallon barrels were used to heat wash water, rinse, and disinfectant. The remaining pipes once supported the barrels above the fire. This was a standard structure in almost all CCC camps, something you might easily find today because they were stone, left untouched when the wooden camp was broken down and salvaged” historical photos by Alec.

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