If we had not read everything we could get our hands on, we would of never found this one. On an old short path close to the Otis Substation on the Huckleberry Trolley Line we found the trolley workers camp. There were several along the line, which housed the Polish and Italian workers who dug the grades, laid the tracks. 1800’s map overlays show there were at least 20 small structures here. No doubt it was set up here because within a half mile radius was the power substation and a passenger trolley stop (former Kibbee cellar hole on Lee Westfield Rd)

To serve the Huckleberry Line, a 33,000 volt transmission line was erected from East Lee to a point near Creek Pond in Otis, where the street. railway provided a permanent substation which was equipped with two 300 Kw.rotary converters, one new and one formerly located at Pittsfield. The necessary transformers were located out doors. From Otis, an 11,000 volt line ran easterly. to a portable substation at Cook Mountain in Huntington.(courtesy Berkshire Railway)

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