Been spending the last two months working on Round Top Hill in Chester on the Hilltown Land Trust parcel graciously donated by Will and Sarah Freedburg. The Western Mass Hilltown Hikers are proud to be a part of this parcel! This a unique and rare high elevation hop hornbeam forest, also the highest point in Hampden County. We let you all know the exciting improvements here of a new kiosk and two lookouts at the summit. The lookouts are just about done, both the white dot (Unkamit’s Path) and orange blazed Fire Road Trail are fully re-blazed. The views are almost 360 degree at the top and to the East on the entire length of both trails heading to the summit (within 5 minutes up). Five Benchmarks and a cache are located at the summit) Parking on Round Hill Road at the State Forest Lot, Park Knox Acres (kiosk with maps), Wright Memorial Cemetery. The kiosks at the trailheads will be up soon. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this mountain top ultimate trail possible!!

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