Park Knox Acres Hiking Trails

Newest trail in the hilltowns is open, still working on some sections, fine tuning but it is hikable!!!!! Easy trails at the base of Round Top Hill in Chester. 195-183 Round Hill Rd, Chester, MA 01011. Its on Google Maps ,”Western Mass Hilltown Hikers is dedicated to Preserving the Natural Beauty of the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts. I am pleased to introduce Park Knox Acres Recreational Land 12.2 acres put in Chapter 61B for public hiking use. Located on Round Top Hill in Chester, this land is abundant with wildlife; moose, bear, turkey, bobcat any many varieties of birds, gentle flowing brooks, stone formations, cellar holes, wildflowers, shag bark and hemlock trees. Land that was forested 20 years ago has come back to life and is thriving. Three trails run through the property, maps and information are located at the parking area trailhead. A 1700’s village was once also located here complete with the Wright Memorial Cemetery. Enjoy your visit

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