The W.P. Dustin homestead and farm. The Chester Blandford State Forest covers 2,770 acres in both towns established in 1924. The old roads on the Blandford side are the less traveled and the history of the town’s early settlers lie here. Sanderson Brook Road runs from Chester Road in Blandford to Route 20 in Chester at Bannish Lumber with a washed out bridge in the middle of the route. Sanderson Brook Road was called Smith Road, and later Ferguson Road, you can still see the original road bed where the new road goes left at the bend. You can drive down to the parking area with 4wd at the junction of State Road and Sanderson Brook Road where the washed out bridge is during the warmer months or just hike in! The Highlands Footpath also crosses here, great lesser known trails in the State Forest remember to always have GPS here, its a big place! There is no metal detecting allowed on any State Forest property and please leave any great historical finds where you find them for others to enjoy and the historical experts to document. #dcr

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