The penstock still in good shape and massive! Used to control the water at the Conway Station Dam. From The History of Conway…The Conway Electric Light & Power Company was organized in 1896. The company acquired about one hundred acres of land on South River adjacent to and including Wildwood Park. The following year the first dam and power house were built. The dam was of timber and stone crib construction, fifty-five feet high, giving a ninety-foot head at the wheels two hundred feet below and capable of developing three hundred to five hundred horse power. After the completion of the plant, power was sold to the Conway Electric Street Railway and the electric road discontinued the use of their steam plant except for emergencies. In 1900 the electric lighting plant was added, transmission lines constructed, and the town wired for lights. The current was turned on and the town lighted by electricity for the first time in November, 1900. In 1904 this company was dissolved, having transferred its dam, water power, and electrical plant to the Conway Electric Street Railway Company, and a new company was formed under the name of the Deerfield River Electric Light Company for the distribution of electricity in Conway. By 1916 the Street Railway Company found that its own requirements for electric current were at times sufficient to use all that could be produced at this plant. The demand for current for light and power had also constantly increased until it became necessary to provide a new source of supply, and the franchises, property, and business of the Deerfield River Electric Light Company were sold to the Greenfield Electric Light and Power Company.

Flash Hike Saturday pt 2 South River State Forest. Paulette showed us the trails here, grab the guide from to visit the landmarks.

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