The Airway Beacon on Gobble Mountain in Chester is a popular hiker destination as it proves to be extremely difficult to climb (and get back down) the extremely steep, rock trail from Middlefield Road….and of course not to get lost! Gobble intrigues us all with its sharp peak and wild forest filled with bear…lots of bear trust me! The Nature Conservency owns the Beacon Trail parcel and the Beacon, dont attempt to climb it, its off limits and definitely has had no safety inspections. The Beacon serves its purpose to us who hike the hills as a familiar, guiding landmark as well when we are atop other ridges and mountains.

We hiked the “easier” way from the end of Captain Whitney Road in Becket, which is relatively flat, in the valley between Mt. Gobble and Gobble Mountain, passing the old William Rose cellar hole and farm, going about three miles until we reach the inevitable 600 feet of rock trail, climbing steeply to the beacon.

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