We had the honor of touring the Mullen House on Brooker Hill Rd in Becket by Gail Kusek of the Becket Land Trust on a rainy Saturday. We went back in time to see what the Hudson Quarry workers life was like. 22 cents an hour was the pay, no age restrictions, just hard work mining granite and then getting it down the Chester Becket Railroad to Chester to be used for monuments and buildings. Amazingly only two workers died there. Gail is hoping the museum will be open this summer to the public. Ballou baskets, floods, Becket History, Chester History and so much more!! Of course Gail had books upon books of #hilltownhistory for us from lost cemeteries to the Huckleberry Trolley Line!

Thank you Gail for all you do to preserve and protect Hilltown History for all!

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