Hike to Flag Rock in Great Barrington, 4.2 miles in and back on the Willow Trail, gradual climb from parking on Route 183 just after Taft Farm. The Trustees recently added this local trail to the Monument Mountain tract, in fact this is the Westerly facing mountain with glorious open views at the open rock face summit of Mt. Everett, the village of Housatonic and on this exceptionally clear day, the Catskills. The boulder field is impressive with massive features, this place is featured in our good friend Christy Butler’s book Berkshire Destinations, get it on Amazon. We continued on the connector trail to Monument Mountain after for summit #2. #themountainsarecallingandimustgo #greatbarrington #berkshireoutdoors #theberkshires #visittheberkshires #berkshiregreenleaf

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