The marble bridge abutments is what is left of the bridge from one of the Serpentine/Marble quarries in Westfield, the Westfield Marble Works. An old road bed went from the quarry to the finishing mill to process the marble, cutting and polishing it. There are large piles of broken slab of rock serpentine and marmolite, limestone marble containing tremolite, and altered crystals of enstatite and calcite. There is a pull off on Northwest Road next to the Little River bridge, follow the old cart path. We hiked in and enjoyed the Little River, visited the dump pile, the bridge abutments then continued on to the mill remains and then a bit farther where we still found pieces of quarried rock well into Russell. The original first quarry is on private property now, however there are photos of how it once was. Operations started in 1890. #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #westfield #russellma #hilltownhistory