The Atwater Finishing Mill in Westfield/Russell. Parking on Northwest Road, near the Little River Bridge. Only about a mile total.

Operations began at the newly completed 92 x 50 foot finishing mill, built near the site of the Stephen Spelman water powered sawmill on the east side of Little River in Westfield east of the Atwater quarry. The Marble Company, using only teams for transportation, moved all its machinery from the mill east of the railroad freight house at Westfield to the new mill. All of the sawing, planing, and column turning and finishing was done at the new mill.

Four gang saws with thirty or more steel blades were employed in cutting the marble. Railroad track rails were concreted into the ground, and on the rails was a car which went under the gang saw. These rails (which still can be seen today in 1969), extended ten or twelve feet outside of the front of the building so that the marble blocks could be loaded onto the car by the derrick. The car was then pulled under the saws.

The actual cutting of these blocks was done by sand, used as the abrasive along with water. From a large sandbox located above the block, the sand, carried by water, was fed onto the top of the block and the gang saws would move slowly back and forth until the block was completely cut.

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