Cushman bridge on the Chester Becket Railroad in Becket, this was also a steel girder bridge. The extensive stonework along Cushman Brook was to hold the brook in and to keep old Quarry Road from washing out as it was alongside the brook. Old quarry road and this stonework was still 100% intact just a few years ago. Now several holes line the embankment and the old road is barely distinguishable as Cushman Brook has errorded this fine man made piece of Railroad history.

To celebrate Chester On Track we hiked a section of the Chester Becket Railroad which ran from the present day Becket Quarry to Chester on the main Boston Albany line. This Railroad was built to move the stone from numerous quarries in the area including the Mitchell Mountain Pink Granite Quarry. We hiked from Robbins Trestle (Blandford Road, Chester) to just past Quarry Road after the switch at the Mitchell Quarry. The journey was 7 hours of exploration, each section is split up in several posts. Special guest was Tom Hoffman

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