Robbins Trestle is located on Blandford Road in Chester right next to Walker Island Campground. That big granite wall you see is the old base of it. Robbins owned a sawmill beneath it before the yellow house was there. The original trestle was wood but burned with engine sparks and the lumber mill waste below. A steel replacement trestle was built around 1910. Thank you to Dave Pierce for the history. The CB Railroad continued thru Walker Island.

To celebrate Chester On Track we hiked a section of the Chester Becket Railroad which ran from the present day Becket Quarry to Chester on the main Boston Albany line. This Railroad was built to move the stone from numerous quarries in the area including the Mitchell Mountain Pink Granite Quarry. We hiked from Robbins Trestle (Blandford Road, Chester) to just past Quarry Road after the switch at the Mitchell Quarry. The journey was 7 hours of exploration, each section is split up in several posts. Special guest was Tom Hoffman

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