Signage and Exploring the UP on Round Hill

20180331_1354561182635937.jpg20180331_1406321063780589.jpgreceived_10215773616957424254571736.jpeg20180331_1451011929532472.jpgWe took advantage of the 50 degree weather on Saturday to trek again up to Round Top Hill, finished the trail maintenance, put up signage and then explored farther on Unkamit’s Path.  James started at Hampden Street in Chester, the rest of us started at the State Road entrance to Chester-Blandford State Forest and met at the top.  Also ran into a few others at the summit.   The entire section of the UP from State Road to Hampden Street is about a 2.5 hour journey.  Words and pictures do not do the epic views justice.

Keystone Arch Bridges Trail Winter Hike 2018

I thought a mid-winter hike at the Keystone Arch Bridge Trail would be different from all the other “pleasant weather” adventures we have had at this historic place.  Turns out it was most definitely different!  The picture below is the beginning of the trail which was literally a bobsled track. The heavy snow, melt, then freeze turned the trail into a 12 inch or more thick ice block.  Spikes were mandatory…two hikers tried without…and survived!  It was an adventure and a beautiful warm sunny day, go figure!