Down the hill toward Huntington the car went and the railway officials began to talk about the safety catch sidings. Finally the car came to one of them. These sidings are built up a hill at the side of the main track and the switches are always left open. They are locked so persons cannot close them. With these switches open, car crews have no fear of run- away cars because they can go only to the safety catch and then run up the hill where they stop instead of crashing down on the mountain side. Four of these switches have been installed on the down grade. On the descent also is a portable substation to provide power for cars pulling up the hill.

Hiking up the Huntington section of the Huckleberry Trolley Line heading West from the post office to just above catch track #2. It’s amazing how the old photos can be placed where we have hiked! Catch track 4, 3 and 2 can still be seen, all the culverts are still intact except for one, a great find was a pipe that was used in the overhead wiring, it was buried in the railbed, also found several eye hooks some with wire still attached. Historical photos courtesy of The Westfield Atheneum.

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