“Sad Casualty at Montgomery”

“On Wednesday afternoon, as Mr. Oliver Moore, an extensive farmer and a most highly respected citizen of Montgomery, was on his way to Huntington with a pair of cattle for exhibition at the cattle show on Thursday, a bridge which he was crossing near the line between Huntington and Montgomery gave way, and he, with his cattle, was precipitated into the water beneath. Mr. Moore was struck by the falling timbers and instantly killed. His wife was a short distance behind him in a carriage, but being a cripple could not render any assistance, and was obliged to drive back two miles to procure help. Mr. Moore’s loss will be deeply felt by the community in which he was widely known. He was 65 years old. His cattle were rescued unharmed.”

Oliver Moore, Jr. built the Mountain House, which was, at one time, a summer hotel located on the Mountain House Road between Tekoa Road and Pitcher Street in Montgomery. The house was torn down when Westfield bought the land for their reservoir system. He also built the home still standing on Main Road now owned by the Charles Fox family.

Oliver Moore, Jr. was killed at what is now known as Crow Bridge in Montgomery. This is not far from the Huntington town line. This is an account of his death as found in the October 2, 1858 issue of the Springfield Weekly Republican Paper on file at the Springfield, MA Library. “Footprints in Montgomery ” Karen’s grave photo.

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