The Axtell Grist Mill. Hiking from old Tekoa Road (once driveable!) park along side of road by the gate, along old Mountain House Road by the beautiful beaver swamp, by Moose Meadow Pond, along the top of the raceway for the mill and yet another cellar hole overlooking Westfield Reservoir. This old Road connects to Pitcher Street (parking is signed where allowed). Moose Meadow Brook flows through Montgomery originating at Bungy Mountain. It once supplied water power for several mills and a whip factory. The original settlers dammed up the brook in several places to harness its power and built raceways to divert and control the water. It empties into Westfield Reservoir which was originally used as water supply to Westfield and dammed there as well, however it continues it’s flow to the now defunct Tekoa Reservoir and then served its purpose again for a grist mill and Falleys Armory before it joins the Westfield River . support the Hilltown Hikers become a member!
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