The Middlefield Baptist church was formed and a house of worship was erected in 1816 near the junction of the Bell Road and the Arthur Pease Road at Blossom Corner where a stone indicates the location. Upon seeing this granite marker William P. Alderman was inspired to write the following poem dated September 10, 1908

“Twas built in 1816”, you read, In letters graven deep. Stranger – you must be hard indeed If you can’t start a “weep”, For now, back of this granite stone, The Baptist Church, Alas! is gone. And why? do you ask, will Time spare This graven stone beside the way, While all else on Earth, everywhere Is crumbling in decay? Go to! Ye have no call afar to search! Back of it stood “The Baptist Church.”

Years later when extensive repairs to the Baptist Church became imperative, the members decided that building a new church would be the sensible procedure. Begun in 1846 the building cost sixteen hundred dollars and was located close to the Center. A stone marker stands near the town shed.

An outstanding preacher was the Rev. Joseph M. Rockwood called in 1865. Admired not only for his preaching but also his exemplary life, he led the church for about ten years of prosperity. Then the church rolls declined.

Baptist Church, photo credit by Pete Cummings

It Will Defy Time This block of granite planted here Beside the travelled way, May serve to start a welling tear And cause your feet to stay, While you astonished, read -“Back of this stone once stood, A Baptist Church, built for the good.”

History of Middlefield, Sternagle

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