The Ashley Cellar Hole. Noble View Outdoor Center in Russell has exceptional trails, mapping and sights to see abutting the Cobble Mountain watershed..our go to place in any season! It was a big reason why I moved to Russell way back when. This place is HUGE, and I still find new sights here to this day. Print out a map before you go or grab one at the kiosks and mini barn boxes if you forget, trust me you will need one so you dont miss a thing! The trail signage is complete with mileages and waypoint sights of interest are marked. On this particular Sunday during the Fall Fest Event, Russ, Angie and I escaped the rain under the leaf cover and hiked all afternoon and saw so many sights I had over 100 photos. Thank you to all of the volunteers who make this place so enjoyable and keep the trails groomed! support the Hilltown Hikers become a member!
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