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The Knightville flood plain changes every season, always beautiful for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing, bird watching and snowmobiling and the wildflowers in spring!. The Old Worthington Road is still here, it once was the road to Worthington and Chesterfield. Known as “The Lost Valley” it was the Town of Knightville populated by the families of Weeks, Rude, Angell, Meritt, Tinker, Tower and more, these families shared this land with the Native Americans who lived here in the old trading village where the Little River meets the East Branch of the Westfield. Rhoda Rhodes the Indian Doctress also called this her home. You can visit them all in the Norwich Bridge Cemetery, all the way in the back as the cemetery was moved there when Knightville Dam was built. Two gates on Route 112 are the parking areas to walk in on the old road, don’t block the gates. When the gates are open you can drive in to a large parking area, and keep in mind during high water this area is flooded. Historical photos courtesy of Huntington Historical visit their website and old Schoolhouse museum! support the Hilltown Hikers become a member!
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