Native American Tribe in New Marlborough. On a recent group hike, we unexpectedly came across a hilltop with over 20 possibly 50 since they continued in a very large area, each close to each other spaced about 15 feet apart, ceremonial stonework mounds, not farmer’s stone piles. The largest we have seen by far anywhere in Western Mass.
In Massachusetts, the Mahican tribe lived in Berkshire County where they were mainly represented by the sub tribe of the Stockbridge. Prior to colonization, in 1600, there were 4,000 to 5,000 Mahicans living in Mahican territory in New York.
The Mahicans lived in large villages that consisted of about 20 to 30 communal longhouses, which were about 20 feet wide and sometimes as long as 180 feet, made from planted hickory saplings tied together at the top, to form a type of garden arbor, that was then covered in reeds and bark. Their villages were fortified by palisade walls and were located on hills. support the Hilltown Hikers become a member!
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