Tekoa Reservoir was built in 1874, after the taking of nearly five square miles of property along and around Moose Meadow Brook to form the watershed of the Montgomery Supply System supplying water to the City of Westfield.The brook was a source of power including saw and grist mills. Moore’s whip factory was forced to close, but he then established the Moore Mountain House north of the Westfield reservoir. The dam build cost a quarter of a million dollars. The Westfield/Montgomery Reservoir upstream still exists but it was taken off-line in 1974 because of water purity issues, they failed to scoop away the earth to the bedrock below the area to be flooded, which later came back to haunt the city with tap water that had unpleasant taste, smell and sight. The Westfield/Reservoir is maintained solely as an emergency supply and is still used to fight wild fires on Tekoa Mountain. The old Tekoa and West Roads are now used for hiking and Tekoa Reservoir is already starting to blend in with the woods.
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