Continuing our journey multi trail hiking in Stockbridge, we crossed the tracks after the bridge at Goodrich Memorial Park to enter the woods and take a left at the trail tee to Laura’s Tower. The Sedgwick family boulder is here along with huge boulders and old growth trees. The guys spotted a snake eating a frog so of course they had to watch. Start the 600 feet of elevation climb switchback trail to the metal tower at the summit. From the top views of the central berkshires including Tom Ball Mountain and Mount Greylock. Elevation here is 1,467 feet. Use peak finder or peak visor to identify those mountains right on your phone! Trail is 1.5 miles in and back. The trail at the summit connects to Beartown along the entire ridge over Burgoyne Pass and ends at Pine Street, we did that one previously from Beartown in Lee to Laura’s Tower if you are looking for a longer hike.

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