Bridge 6 of the Keystone Arch Bridges in Bancroft. This bridge was widened to three tracks in 1910, adding a south side of poured concrete. When the line reverted to two tracks, the railroad utilized the south lane and the former middle lane, leaving the northern parapet stones exposed as they would have been on an abandoned arch or as bridges were configured in the first decade of operation when the line was single-tracked. None have been knocked off, probably due to adjacent homes and the road beneath the bridge. Capstones measure 11″ on the bottom and 23″ on top. In another unique variation, bottom stones here are wider than the ones in the top row creating a visually pleasing border detail.

It is 45 feet above the river; in use; property of CSX. This is the only bridge that does not cross the Westfield River, it crosses Factory Brook, a tributary, about 100 yards north of it’s confluence with the Westfield. As a result, it lies fully within one town, Middlefield.
Most bridges are half in each town/county. Bridge 6 is also the only bridge with a
road beneath it, in addition to water. The KAB trail does not cross this bridge but you can view it from Town Hill Road in Middlefield. Historical photos courtesy of Jim Moore.

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