The Old Threshing Rock.

The Native Americans of Montgomery/Russell who lived in and around Woronoco/Salmon Falls can be read about in many “westward expedition” books as the settlers from Westfield explored out further. The indian Tekoa pronounced tee-ko left his mark here as well. Above the ruins of the old Falley Homestead in the Grace A Robson Sanctuary is a long narrow outcropping ledge of white rock known as “The Threshing Rock,” a landmark for many generations. Here the Indians and later the white settlers brought their grain and threshed it by the primitive method of placing it upon the pebbly surface of the rock and rolling it with logs to separate the grain from the chaff. The marks of these primitive operations are still visible and so also are the spots where the Indians lighted their beacon fires with which they communicated with their Indian neighbors over a wide area. The moss has taken over most of the rock surface. Near the rock once stood an Indian settlement of considerable proportions. Unkamit’s Path section #7 runs through here as well. courtesy Westfield Atheneum and my pile of books. #montgomeryma

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