We had the pleasure of naturalist Mr. Ray Asselin joining us at our Flash Hike Friday five-miler to narrate our tour of the Tekoa Beaver Pond in Montgomery and the newly flooded and formed second beaver pond there as well. Starting at the gate at the corner of Tekoa and Mountain House Road we went in past the Westfield Reservoir and viewed the newly flooded pond on the right, this is also the trail to the English Grass Cave, we did find one sign but looks like the beavers have taken it over! Ray described the family structure of beavers, only one pair in the lodge with young, the “corn on the cob” style of bark eating of branches. Food sources are the greens under water and around the edges of the water as well as pretty much all bark. This pond now has three tiered dams as we could see. The water was also full of eggs, including the spotted salamander as they grow in the jelly sack until they mature and walk out. On to the main Tekoa Beaver Pond, very full with the rains. The trail here is also flooded so we ventured across the top of the dam, which was much more difficult than last week! We toured completely around this pond following its edges observing beaver activity, moose scat and birds. Most interesting was a beaver lodge built low on the bank as this is how they provide initial shelter from predators when building a new lodge.

Learn more from Ray https://newenglandforests.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html?m=1
and check out his you tube channel! It’s great! https://newenglandforests.blogspot.com/p/about-me.html?m=1

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