Flash Hike Friday Five-Miler in Montgomery Moose Meadow. Parking at the gate on Tekoa Road we went in to see the flooded beaver ponds, last I was here last summer they were mostly dry….found both trails on either side of the Tekoa swamp under feet of water! A giant beaver lodge at the first smaller swamp on the right just after Westfield Reservoir on your left, following the Old Tekoa Road with four tiers of dams cuts the upper English Grass Trail off entirely. We took the first passable right, the trail to the Tekoa Ridge and yes…underwater. The trail is now an inevitable beaver dam crossing spanning about 500 feet. Got wet here many times in the past but this tops them all! Glorious hiking and the peepers are out!
We continued (separate post) on Unkamit’s Path Section 7 to do a five mile loop.

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