Flash hike a few weeks ago at Granville Reservoir on old Winchell Road with the eye opening history courtesy of the history of Granville.

The late John M. Stevenson, of Pittsfield and Granville, was an enterprising summer resident, who was always forward looking and up to date. He felt that in a town where the supply of drinking water was not scarce, there ought to be some way of supplying its people from some adequate system, instead of every family being forced to have its own well, or other more or less inconvenient supply. He tried to get the villages of Granville and Granville Center interested in a water system, with but indifferent success. The Center was mildly interested, but Granville village was not. However, he had the courage of his convictions and purchased a small watershed situated between Regan Road and North Lane, put in a reservoir and piped the water to his own house at the Center, as well as to a few other houses. He organized a small corporation, the Granville Water Company, to operate the system, so that Granville, as well as other larger places, has its own water works. After the death of Mr. Stevenson, certain shares of the capital stock of the Water Company came to his daughter, Mrs. Merle D. Graves. Later she offered them to the Town upon certain terms, and at the annual meeting of the Town on February 14, 1921, it was voted to accept the shares so offered by Mrs. Graves.

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