From “Footprints in Montgomery” In 1813 a family burying ground was laid out. “It is to be understood that a reserve is made of ten rods square of ground on a certain hill which is begun to be improved as a burying ground with full liberty for such people as wish to improve said ground for that purpose to bury their dead on said ground and to pass in some convenient place without other injury than merely passing thither and back. Thence, also, a nuance for the above named Demaris Barret, her heirs or assigns to pass across a part of the granted permission to land mentioned above as belonging to her without doing injury.”

Years after, stone work around the cemetery was done by James M. Squier and buckwheat was sowed for a crop around the outside. Farming was discontinued in this area and the burying ground neglected. In 1950 due to the generosity of the A. P. Pettis fund this cemetery was restored to its present state. It is now known as the Sand Knoll Cemetery.

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