Not every scouting hike is a success…the Berkshire House located on Johnnycake Hill in Middlefield had a long history. This was known as the Pease district, here first as the Harlow Loveland House built in the 1800’s, then purchased by the Hespelt family in 1900’s and doubled in size to a three story boarding house where vacationers traveled to. The Kabachnick family of Chester purchased it in 1950, it operated for several years. The town then took it for taxes, it burned in 1972, the fire could be seen for miles. Hilltown folklore is this place was haunted by its previous occupants, screams and ghoulish happenings were witnessed here in the building before it burned. Dave Pierce himself witnessed screams yet no one was there, a large field surrounded this mountain top giant with a glorious view. Thank you to the present day land owner for permission to search for the wreckage. For now this #hilltownhistory has been swallowed up by the woods.

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