The notorious Old Mine in Chester one of six emery mines in town. This was once an intricate three level very large mining operation in the late 1800s. Tha main shaft goes back about 1600 feet, there was once a room inside over 200 feet high. The 2nd level was 200 ft above the 1st. The top level had a shaft 200 ft in that dropped 400 ft down, access was a rope ladder. There were several other tunnels as well. Special thanks to Jim Moore for some 1957 documentation when these tunnels were entered. You couldnt pay me a million dollars to go in there! Many have fallen in, lots of horrible stories as all the old mines are treacherous and many have died there. The eerie freezing cold air there gives you goosebumps. The old tunnels, shafts and collapsed pits are extremely dangerous, as we had ropes and backup as well as the fire brigade on call so these photos and videos are for history documentation as this mine sadly continues to crumble.

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