The present day Pease Store on Main Street is a true old fashioned general clothing retailer, take a walk inside and travel back in time. Shop here for Carhartt and Chester custom attire!! Read the sign, don’t spit. On the floor please!

Our Chester Becket Railroad and Chester Historical Tour was amazing! Thank you to Dave Pierce Chester Railway Station , Rich Holzman, Bob Daley, Roseanne for the handcrafted walking sticks, Tom Barnes for the donation of Railroad Memorabilia and polished Serpentine, Debbie Daniels for Hilltown settlers treasurers, Emily Smith Lee for inviting us into the Feed Store and Riverside Inn, John Garvey and John Hultman of the Chester Historical Society and Jail, hike leaders Karen, Kim and Michele…and to all of you Hilltown Hikers. What a glorious day to be out, Chester is the #hubofthehilltowns and we will bring you so much more!

hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #chesterma