On the Blandford/Russell/Chester corner of town are old roads that used to connect Blandford, Russell and Huntington, it would be a15 minute drive from town centers! We call this one the Homer Trolley Triangle. A two mile loop from Huntington Rd takes you on the discontinued section of Height Road, crossing the power line cut, passing the Homer Crosby Monument, and onto the Huckleberry Trolley Line. I imagine this, like many old roads we have found were either discontinued or re-routed when the trolley line was constructed. Not all of the Huckleberry Trolley Line (Huntington PO to Lee Outlets) is hikeable but the section from the Huntington Post Office to the Blandford dump is. #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #hilltownhistory #blandfordma