The Goldmine Falls Trail in Chester was once a forgotten one until it was cleaned up by volunteers and brought back to life. Parking is at the large pulloff on Route 20 almost across from the DCR Headquarters. Once parked look across Route 20 to the guardrail, the trail starts here, (It used to start at the DCR Headquarters complete with a lot, picnic tables and grills). Hike in 100 feet from the road and you are face to face to in my opinion the most beautiful waterfall in the State. The waterfall is one mile long, so long that upper goldmine falls has its own name. Follow the unblazed foot path up to where it turns left (red ribbon blazed here) and you arrive on the original Goldmine Falls trail as shown on the DCR map, it is stone lined, take a right at the downed telephone pole and continue uphill ( the high water trail is also here on left, blue blaze) to the washed out bridge, cross it and arrive at the intersection of Mica Mine Trail. This continues thru the State Forest. No other waterfall trail can compare!

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