1890. Kaolinite. Blandford.

Extensive works have been erected by the Blandford Brick and Tile Company in Russell to Work a deposit of clay found in Blandford many years ago by Mr. G. L. Twitchell.

“Sworn analyses by chemists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology show the existence of a bed of kaolin […] of the most valuable sort and in a quantity that is known to exceed 80,000 tons. […]  A comparative analysis shows that the Blandford clay is superior to the Mount Savage clay, the only American basis for fire brick that is worthy of notice, and oven to the Sturbridge clay from England and the Chinese kaolin. Its finer strain makes a brick of the purest white.”

Karen has been to the Russell plant, we both have bricks. I found mine out in the woods at my Russell house 10 years ago. To be continued….