The Huckleberry Trolley Line
Huckleberry’ Trolley Line
The abandoned right-of-way of the old Lee-Huntington, Mass., trolley line at Lee, Mass., known locally as the ‘Huckleberry’ line. The line was constructed through the hilltowns at great expense in 1911-1912, and operated on and off until service was suspened in 1919. The track was removed in 1923. I am told that the line never made a profit, and saw more farmers and chickens than it did passengers. Passengers would get off and pick ‘huckleberrys’ along the line. Segments of the abandoned line can still be seen clearly on either side of the Mass. Turnpike today in the vicinity of Becket and Lee, Mass. the trolley ended in Lee where the outlets are today. DCR Commissioner Roy approached us about making this line a bikepath. There are many private landowners along the way however. Complete map on #westernmasshilltownhikers #hikethehilltowns